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“350国际课程”——派纳教授《Introduction to Curriculum Studies》课程大纲(2013夏)
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Graduate School of Educational Studies

Introduction to Curriculum Studies

Instructor: William Pinar (william.pinar@ubc.ca)

Summer, 2013, Hangzhou, China

I. Description: This course will examine the intellectual histories and present circumstances of curriculum studies worldwide, emphasizing North American meanings.

II. Readings required: To be distributed by instructor.

III. Assignments. 1) During the first hour of class, students listen to and pose questions regarding the daily lecture. A copy of most lectures will be distributed the day before for reference during the small-group discussions to be held during the second hour of class. 2) During the second hour students meet in small groups to identify approximately 3-5 ideas (or points) responsive to but not necessarily in agreement with the lecture. 3) During the final segment one person designated by the group report(s) these points to the class; students and the instructor will also engage in discussion. 4) By June 28 at 5:00PM each student will submit a 2000-word statement summarizing her or his conception of one curriculum issue and/or theory, referencing the relevant reading and/or discussion during class.

IV. Grading: Clarity, precision of reference, coherence of writing as well as students’ degree of engagement in class and group discussions will determine individual grades.

V. Tentative Calendar: May 20 – June 6

  • May 27: Curriculum-An Introduction –William F. Pinar
  • May 30: Curriculum-An Introduction –William F. Pinar
  • June 4: Currere and Cosmopolitanism- William F. Pinar
  • June 6: Currere and Cosmopolitanism- William F. Pinar